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Chef at Forte Jazz Jazz Lounge

Food & Lifestyle Photographer

Former Pastry Chef 

Forte Food Menu

Savor our signature Charcuterie Platters, Paninis, Focaccia Toasts Sandwiches, Grilled Cheeses and Saldas!

There's no better match for your drink than a great plate with cheeses, meats and accoutrements, a delicious and crunchy panini, a fresh salad, savoury toasts or a melty and flavorful grilled cheese.

Try our newest: Flat Bread Pizza Gourmet: Forest or Garden, you won't be dissapointed! 

We also have some mouthwatering desserts, like coconut cake, or cheesecake. Every other week, Helene surprises us with a misterious Special Dessert. If you are one of our regular customers, you will have the chance to endluge yourself with one of her creations. 

Chocolate chip cookies are available as well!

Our kitchen is open before and during shows! Make sure to say "hi" to Helene at the lobby bar!

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