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Something for everyone: Geoffrey Dean Trio to hit the Forte stage Thursday June 17th

Geoffrey Dean says his audience can expect variety from his trio on Thursday, June 17th. “I basically wanted to make this one a mixed bag of some traditional jazz, some modern jazz and also some funk.”

The Geoffrey Dean Trio, presently consisting of Dean on piano and electric keyboard, David Levray on electric bass, and Miller Boone on drums, will play at 7:00 and 9:30 at Forte Jazz Lounge this Thursday night.

“It’s a pleasure to play there,” says Dean. “…really nice for both the audience and the musicians.”

Dean will be drawing material from sources such as Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and Roy Hargrove, as well as including some originals.

“Jazz is such a wide range of music. I like to give everybody a taste and see what they like from that. ‘Cause not everybody likes everything. But you gotta at least expose them to it and see what they like.”

Dean will also be featured in the Art of Jazz series hosted by the Gibbes Museum of Art in August.

Find Geoffrey Dean on his Instagram @imdopegetaddicted.

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